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Looking for guesthouses in Malta or Gozo?
Guesthouses provide an affordable alternative to hotels. There are a number of guesthouses in Malta and Gozo. Malta guesthouses are generally family run, adding that personal touch to your holiday in the Maltese Islands. It is a good idea to book a Malta guesthouse either upon recommendation or via a travel agent, as quite naturally the standard of accommodation can vary – it is quite normal for guesthouse bathrooms, for example, to be shared. Malta Guesthouses are classified by the Malta Tourism Authority, however, so the sector is regulated and basic levels of service are still guaranteed.

Guesthouses in Malta and Gozo are often found within the heart of towns and cities, where other forms of accommodation may be scarce. Guesthouse rates are reasonable, and at the better guesthouses in Malta the experience is generally a very pleasant one – the owners will take time to offer you useful tips for your travels on the Maltese Islands, where to go, what to look out for, and more. In the low season, it is worth taking a look at Malta hotels however, because the hotels’ rates often are almost as cheap as guesthouse rates, and quite naturally offering facilities not available in guesthouses.

If you would like to book a Malta guesthouse, please follow the links provided and view the list of guesthouses available in Malta and Gozo for online booking – if there is no availability at the guesthouse you selected, we will suggest suitable alternatives.

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