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Here are our favourite must-do’s on any vacation to Malta or Gozo, if you want to try something uniquely Maltese.

You must try hot “pastizzi” (“past-itsy”) – also referred to as cheesecakes, although bearing no resemblance to what is ordinarily referred to as cheese cake, available from hot-snack takeaway outlets in most villages, often called “Maxims” or some derivative thereof. Folded pastry filled with either a ricotta-cheese mix, or a pea mash, both equally delicious when eaten straight from the oven. Other similar pastry-based snacks such as “qassatat” (“us-aht-aht”) and pizza slices, macaroni, etc, also available from these little shops.

You must try “gbejniet” – (difficult one, this – try “g-bay-nit”) little soft cheeselets available plain or peppered, made from goat’s cheese. Perfect for any salad, sandwich, or even pasta sauce.

Buy a loaf of Maltese bread, hot, direct from the bakery. Slice it up, prepare with your favourite fillings, (why not try olive oil, ripe tomatoes, and gbejniet) and eat promptly. Maltese bread tastes like no other bread in the world, but must be eaten fresh, on the same day it was baked.

Go to a “rabbit” eatery – see Leisure and Entertainment.

Go to a village feast, if you are visiting during the summer months (a few village feasts are also celebrated in other seasons, too). See Leisure and Entertainment.

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