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Getting There:

Bus numbers: 8, 11, 12, 27, 29, 30, 115
About Tarxien:

Tarxien is considered to be one of the oldest villages that inhabited human beings. The name ‘Tarxien’ might be possible that comes from the plural word of ‘Tirxa’ that means a large rock. Might be possible that it comes from the word ‘Witja’ that means a place where animals where shepherd
The existence of this place goes back to 4000 years ago, and according to archeological studies Tarxien was considered the mayor city of Malta in the Neolithic era. In Tarxien a Neolithic temple had been discovered with loads of slabs, it had resulted that in this temple the Neolithic people heeled the goddess of fertility or the fat lady.
Places to Visit in Tarxien:

• The Dejma Cross
• Villa Dunalistair
• The Norman House
• Manduka House
• Villa Le Fevre
• Kejka House
• Villa Lanzon
• Villa of Markiz Barbaro di San Giorgio
• House of Giacomo Aspinall
• Villa of Archbishop Leonardo Abela
• House of Frangesco Faure’
• House of Dun Guzepp Calleja
• House of Dun Frangisk Caruana
• House of logutenent Guzeppi Montebello
Activities & Entertainment:

Bingo Hall

Shopping is limited but all necessities can be found
Beaches in Tarxien:

There are no beaches in Tarxien, nearest beach is in Marsaxlokk and Birzebbugia
Nearby Towns and Villages:

Paola & Fgura
Why Stay in Tarxien?

Calendar of Events:

• 1st June - Feast of the Annunciation
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