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Getting There:

Bus numbers: 80, 81, 84
About Rabat:

Rabat, the name meaning "town" or "suburbs" actually surrounds the city of Mdina. In Rabat there are lots of historical and religious sites to see: St. Paul's catacombs, St. Agatha's, the Roman Villa, just to name a few. St. Paul's catacombs believed to be close to the grotto where St. Paul spent three months, is only a two minute walk from St. Agatha's catacomb with its underground chapel and superb frescos preserved by the local priests. The Roman Villa with its typical Roman architecture and layout provides us with innumerable relics as well as a superb mosaic floor.
Places to Visit in Rabat:

Roman Villa
St.Pauls Grotto
Activities & Entertainment:


Shopping is limited but all necessities can be found and various souvenir shops
Beaches in Rabat:

There are no beaches in Rabat, nearest beach is Gnejna Bay
Nearby Towns and Villages:

Mdina and Attard
Why Stay in Rabat?

Calendar of Events:
19th March - Feast of St.Joseph
6th July - Feast of St.Paul
5th September - Feast of Our Lady of the Girdle
17th October - Feast of Our Lady of Health
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