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Getting There:

Bus numbers: 88, 89, 91
About Qormi:

Qormi is a locality that is built beside one of Malta’s largest valleys. Qormi is best known for the number of bakeries, and vineyards. Qormi has been populated since the Bronze Age, in a cave at the limits of Qormi. The population appears to have flourished in the Phoenician times, and in the 15th century the first parish church had been developed. The church was one of the largest in the countryside at those times.
The village population grew over the years and earlier this century the eastern part of the village has proclaimed a new parish dedicated to St.Sebastian. The life in the village is punctuated by a number of events. In Holy Week, one of the largest Good Friday processions occurs at Hal-Qormi, an event which attracts a large number of Maltese people and tourists.
Places to Visit in Qormi:

• Churches decorations
• Qormi Valley
Activities & Entertainment:


Almost all type of shopping is available in Qormi
Beaches in Qormi:

There are no beaches in Qormi, nearest beach is in Rinella Kalkara
Nearby Towns and Villages:

Zebbug & Hamrun
Why Stay in Qormi?

Calendar of Events:

• 28th, 29th June - Feast of St.George
• 20th July - Feast of St.Sebastian
• Lowenbrau October Fest in October
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