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Getting There:

Bus number 55
About Naxxar:

The Naxxar Locality is spread over an area of eleven kilometers squared and has a population of over eleven thousand persons. The whole locality comprises the Naxxar centre, Sghajtar area, Santa Marija tax-Xaghra, San Pawl tat-Targa, Birguma, Maghtab, Salina, Bahar ic-Caghaq and part of Madliena.
According to tradition, the people of Naxxar were amongst the first to help the shipwrecked, including Saint Paul, when the ship he was on went aground on the rocks. For this reason many connect the name Naxxar with Nassar (Nasra) which means 'conversion to Christianity'. Others insist that the name comes from “Nsara” or “Nazaroei” which means 'those who believe in the wisdom of Christ who came from Nazareth and thus “Nozri”'. Others say that the word Naxxar means 'one who saws, separates or cuts' – it might be worth mentioning that in Naxxar there are a lot of stone masons.
Places to Visit in Naxxar:

• Aventis Garden
• Fortifications
• Chapels
• Palazzo Parisio
• Parish Church
Activities & Entertainment:


Almost all type of shopping is available in Naxxar
Beaches in Naxxar:

There are no beaches in Naxxar, nearest beach is in St.Julians
Nearby Towns and Villages:

Iklin & Mosta
Why Stay in Naxxar?

Calendar of Events:

• 8th September - Feast of Maria Bambina
• August - Malta International Volleyball Marathon
• July - Malta International Trade Fair
• November - Machinery & Tools Fair
• November - Weddings Fair
• November - Book Fair
• November - National Pet and Bird Show
• November - Home Fair
• December - Christmas Fair
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