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Increase your profitability with! If you are providing any type of service/product to visitors to the Maltese Islands, there is no better place to promote your business. 

Why list with us?

Fact: is the number one referrer of enquirers of holiday services, i.e. your potential customers,  to tourism-related Maltese businesses like yours.

What does this mean?
This means that sends more customers to businesses like yours than any other website, inclusive of all the big-name international search engines! Or to put it another way - Your customers are more likely to find you on the web via your presence in than via any other individual link.

The bottom line: You will get many more customers, and more customers for you = more income. Simple!

Check out the results below for yourself, for a typical site listed in The statistics show where this particular site's visitors are coming from - click the image for the full page screenshot: 

We used to link directly to the live statistics, unfortunately these are now password-protected hence this is no longer possible. The figures shown above were taken in January 2012

What do these figures mean? The numbers are the number of people - potential customers of yours - that have visited this particular clients' site by clicking on the link to it listed in! In the industry, they are called referrals.

How do we do it? We are not a general information/directory site. Our site is targeted, i.e. it is aimed specifically at visitors to Malta and Gozo, and laid out for visitors to find all relative information easily and quickly. So the people visiting our site are not just any people - they are interested potential clients of yours, and hence, ARE interested in viewing what you have to offer! Your advert would not just be anywhere - but in the right place, and need we say this, all the time!

We submit our website to all search engines regularly, and use special optimising techniques to ensure that we get very good results, too. This means that our site is very easy to find - and if your customers find us, they find you too!

What will it cost me? Ultimately, it does not really "cost". The investment you make with us will be repaid many times over. Because they know that the return they obtain for every Euro is unmatched, most of our customers are always trying to spend more money with us!

Our rates are detailed below. A basic listing with link to your site (A) includes free insertion and a year's subscription. Option B is a full page with photos. Even more effective is your very own web-page, (C), your logo not ours, photographs, custom layout, and your own unique web address which can be printed on stationery!

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Listing Rates

Options Listing Link Page Photos* Your Logo** Custom Layout One-Click Client Booking Form! Set Up*** Annual Fee***
A yes yes - - - - - - 55.00
B yes yes yes 6+2 Free! - - Free! 23.00 55.00
C yes yes yes 6+2 Free! yes yes Free! 55.00 65.00
*To be sent to us. Alternatively, non-professional photography service add 25.00
**Free scanning/editing of existing logo. Logo creation (our design)
***All rates exclude VAT at the current rate.

 A= Listing with link to your own already-existing website
 B= Listing, with link to full page with 8 photos, FREE direct to owner booking form!
 C= Listing, with link to custom designed web-page with your logo, FREE booking form!

View what an option B page and an option C page look like.

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More options for you!

Or go for the in-your-face effect and maximum exposure of a fully tracked banner advertising campaign, rates starting from 2.99 per 1000 times your banner is viewed!

Yes, just 2.99 per 1000 times your banner is viewed by potential customers! You will also have full password protected statistics available to you, such as the number banner exposures, click-through rates, etc. Your banner will appear ONLY on and the supporting multilingual network of sites, so that it will maintain 100% relevance to the persons viewing it, resulting in a high percentage of customers clicking though directly to your site/advert. Banners appear where they can not be missed, at the top of each page. Find more info about banners here.

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