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Increase your profitability with! If you are providing any type of service/product to visitors to the Maltese Islands, there is no better place to promote your business. 

Fact: sends more customers to tourism-related websites like yours than any other website, inclusive of all the big-name international search engines! Or to put it another way - Your customers are more likely to find you on the web through than from any other individual link.

The statistics below show where the visitors of a typical site listed in are coming from: 

Clicking here or on the image will take you to the actual live statistics for the site.

The bottom line: By promoting your business in, you will get many more customers, and more customers for you = more income. Simple!

How are we so effective in keeping our advertisers busy? We submit Holidays-Malta and the network of supporting sites to all search engines regularly, and use special optimising techniques to ensure that we rank highly for the most commonly used search terms. This means that our site is very easy to find, and very well visited - and if your customers find us, they find you too!

How can you take advantage of this? Go for the in-your-face effect and maximum exposure of a fully tracked banner advertising campaign, rates starting from 2.99 per 1000 times each time your banner is viewed! Yes, just 2.99 per 1000 times your business is advertised to potential customers!

How it works

You purchase a set number of banner impressions (number of times your banner will appear) for a fixed fee. Our banner server will control the display of your banner, and offer password protected access to enable you to monitor the progress of your campaign at any time. You may check on how many times your banner has been displayed, the daily display rate, number of times your banner has been clicked, etc. The intensity of your campaign can also be "weighted", so that the rate at which your pre-purchased impressions will be used up can be controlled for your needs. Naturally all banners are fully clickable, so your customers are only a click away from your site. Banners always appear where they can not be missed, at the top of each page.

The advantages

Unlike "per day" banner schemes, where one has no control over or knowledge of the actual number of times an advertising message is displayed, but has to rely on the information supplied by the service provider as being accurate, banner advertising on is results-based; You pay for the number of times your advertising banner is actually viewed by a potential customer. So you always know what you are getting and obtain the full value for your advertising pound. The tracking of results also provides valuable commercial information which you can use to your advantage.

Very importantly, your banner will appear ONLY on and the supporting multilingual network of sites, so that it will maintain 100% relevance to the persons viewing it, resulting in a higher than average percentage of click-throughs and purchasing customers.

What it costs

Rates vary from 6.00 to just 2.99 per 1000 impressions, payable in advance. Minimum order quantity is 20,000 impressions, but the outstanding discounting structure means that you receive fantastic pricing the more you commit to the campaign!  Banner design varies depending on complexity; a simple static banner starts from 35.00, we can quote for animated banners according to the work involved. You are of course free to engage the services of your own designer and forward the finished image to us - in this case we will supply an informational document upon request to assist in the creation of effective, click-pulling banners.

  • 20,000 impressions (minimum order): 120.00 +VAT

  • 50,000 impressions: 220.00 +VAT

  • 100,000 impressions: 299.00 +VAT

  • Over 100,000 available @25.00 +VAT/10,000 additional impressions.

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