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Malta and its sister island, Gozo,
together with little Comino probably need no introduction, as this group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean is more well known than their diminutive size would suggest. This is probably due to the fact that the Maltese Islands have had a very full history ever since the dawn of civilisation, right up to very recent times, and they are also a popular holiday destination for many thousands of foreign visitors, all of who will find it very easy to fill in a busy Malta and Gozo sightseeing schedule, taking a break only to lounge on any one of Malta and Gozo's many beaches.

Therefore we will limit ourselves to some pictorial highlights and basic facts and figures on these charming islands, more detailed information would require much more space than available on this web page!

Popular travel and country guides are available which provide comprehensive write-ups about Malta's colourful history, traditions, tourist attractions and population.

 Malta is approximately 17 miles long, and 9 miles wide, while the island of Gozo is roughly 9 miles by 5, but while Malta has a population of 345,000 the corresponding figure for Gozo is only about 30,000. The Maltese Islands are just 60 miles from Sicily, and 180 miles from the African continent. Thus Malta's history and language is more easily understood given its position, which up to the Second World War was considered as strategic. 

 Malta has several of the oldest known temples in the world still standing and in an excellent state of preservation, which indicates that it was inhabited since the earliest times and was at various periods of time, occupied or inhabited by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, French, and English, was the official home of the Knights of the Order of St.John (better known as the Knights of Malta), during which period a concerted attempt was made to invade the country by the Turks.

 Thus one will find that the Maltese Language is quite unlike any other, being a mix of influences over the centuries. However, one can state that apart from Maltese, 95% of the population can speak English, a considerable number Italian, and smaller numbers understand various other major languages.

 The Maltese Islands are economically, socially and culturally well developed despite their small size, and one does not feel like one is visiting a backwards nation at all, although using the notorious local roads would have you believe otherwise! All modern conveniences are available, and the Maltese generally enjoy a good standard of living, similar to their European neighbours. But now, for some of those promised photographs... Click here for Photo Gallery

Do you need a visa to travel to Malta?

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